Graduate School of Environmental Studies


Department of Frontier Science for Advanced Environment

Process Engineering for Environmentally Adapted Materials


Prof. Kohji Moriguchi
Prof. Masaru Matsumura
Prof. Tomohiko Omura
Prof. Shinya Nariki


  1. Basic research of the oxidizing quality of a magnetite ore
  2. Precipitation strengthening mechanism in the solid state nitrided high Cr containing ferritic creep resistant steels
  3. Strength and crystal misorientation change caused by precipitates in the high Cr containing ferritic creep resistant steels
  4. Control of step bunching behavior in the solution growth of single crystalline SiC
  5. Effects of process parameters on amorphous ribbon formation in PFC single roller process


Magnetite ore, Ferritic creep resistant steel, Single crystalline SiC, Amorphous ribbon