Graduate School of Environmental Studies



Department of Frontier Science for Advanced Environment;
Applied Environmental Chemistry

This course aims at reducing the environmental load in industries that are supplied materials and resources taken from the environment, and also energy-intensive industries such as those manufacturing chemical products and other materials. Students acquire an advanced knowledge to pioneer new environmental-friendly processes. In addition, you can deepen your basic knowledge of environment assessment and economic valuation.

Courses Offered

Master's Course

Common Lectures A

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies

Common Lectures B

  • Seminar on Environmental Sciences
  • Environment and Civilization Ⅰ
  • Advanced Environmental Studies
  • Introduction to Geosystem and Energy Sciences
  • Strategic Environmental Management and technology solutions
  • Introduction to Cultural Environment Studies
  • Introduction to Global Environmental Studies
  • Introduction to Applied Environmental Studies Ⅰ
  • Introduction to Applied Environmental Studies Ⅱ

Basic Subjects for Specialized Fields

  • Environmental Resource Chemistry
  • Analytical Environmental Chemistry
  • Geoenvironmental Remediation
  • Energy Device Engineering
  • Biotechnical Eco-management
  • Biofunctional Chemistry for Environmental Science
  • Environmental Inorganic Chemistry
  • Supercritical Fluid Engineering
  • Joint Lectures on Environmental Sciences

Subjects for Specialized Fields

  • Environmental Economics
  • Advanced energy and environment
  • Energy and Resource Strategies
  • Global Warming -Theory, Hypothesis and Policies-
  • Advanced Coordination Chemistry
  • Materials for Eco-designing
  • Environmental Particuology
  • Environmental Law and Policy
  • Environmental and Technology Policy
  • Treatment and Remediation for Environmental Substance
  • Environmental Ethics and Management Systems
  • Water and urban environments
  • Watershed Environment
  • Environmental Microbial Engineering
  • Structure of global environmental issues with related technology and society
  • Instrumental Methods for material Analysis
  • Environmental Energy System Studies
  • Internship for Master Course Students
  • Special Seminar 1
  • Special Lecture 1
  • Seminar on Applied Eco-chemistry
  • Master Course Seminar on Applied Eco-chemistry


  • Lectures Accepted by the Committee of Graduate School of Environmental Sciences

Doctoral Course

Basic Subjects for Interdisciplinary Fields

  • Advanced Ecoengineering Systems
  • Advanced Environmental Biotechnology
  • Advanced to Environmental Resources Chemistry
  • Environment and Civilization 2
  • Special Seminar 2
  • Special Lecture 2
  • Internship for Doctor Course Students

Subjects for Specialized Fields

  • Advanced Seminor on Applied Eco-chemistry
  • Doctor Course Seminor on Applied Eco-chemistry


  • Lectures Accepted by the Committee of Graduate School of Environmental Sciences