Graduate School of Environmental Studies


Department of Environmental Studies for Advanced Society

Nanocomposite Science and Interfacial Materials Design


Assoc. Prof.
Yoshinori Sato


  1. Control doping of non-metal light elements and defects for carbon nanomaterials via fluorination-defluorination process
  2. Design and fabrication for platinum-free oxygen reduction reaction catalysts
  3. Fabrication of functional energy harvesting materials

Research contents

Our laboratory is in the research area of advanced nanomaterials with clean energy (alternative energy and hydrogen energy). To fabricate, assemble and composite, or organic/inorganic materials with high-performance functions, which are created from a combination of each material’s properties, is one of the most fascinating and necessary research. In this laboratory, we design, synthesize, and characterize the assembly, composites, and organic/inorganic materials based on surface/interface design to expand nanomaterials’properties to those of bulky materials. In particular, we have challenged ourselves to create and develop high-functional non-metal light element materials (carbon-based materials including boron, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, sulfur, and phosphorus) with high-performance surfaces and interfaces, which are necessary for the field of next-generation clean energy raised to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Carbon based electrocatalyst, Non-metal light element materials, Energy harvesting materials