Graduate School of Environmental Studies


Department of Environmental Studies for Advanced Society

Environmental Process Science


Tomohito Kameda

Hideyuki Takahashi

Balachandran Jeyadevan

Assoc. Prof.
Mei-Fang Chien

Assoc. Prof.
Masahito Yoshimura


  1. Preparation and application of functional materials that contribute to a resource and material recycling society
  2. Synthesis of functional materials using complex structure control
  3. Synthesis technology development and characterization of electrode nanomaterials for energy storage and conversion
  4. Development of biological materials that promote resource circulation and proposal of bioengineering processes

Research contents

In this field, we develop technologies and processes necessary for resource circulation, such as removing and detoxifying pollutants in the hydrosphere, geosphere, and atmosphere, developing heavy metal removal and recovery processes, and concentrating rare and valuable resources. We will proceed with the development and deployment of environmental purification and environmental restoration technologies suitable for proposing environmental policies related to resource development and smelting operations, as well as research and development that contributes to environmentally harmonious resource development.


Resource circulation, Environmental purification, Environmental restoration, Environmental investigation