Field Work at TBC (Tohoku Broadcasting Company Limited)

July 4, 2012

    To learn and understand the current situation and concept of energy use at a local broadcasting company, SERMSS students visited TBC (Tohoku Broadcasting Company Limited) in Sendai.
The followings are their comments.

Hernando Bacosa(Postdoctoral Researcher)

    The visit to the TBC station in Sendai was a great opportunity to familiarize the students with who are involved and what is needed to create a program, make a commercial, and broadcast news on television or radio. The process is not simple but involves interconnecting and interdependent sections necessary to produce a quality output. Several machines and equipment are used and skills are required to produce the best outcome. The process itself is energy and resource intensive. A TV station like this could contribute and inspire the audience more if they chose a renewable source of energy and undertook environment-friendly ventures.
    The interconnection of these elements within a TV station reminds me that human beings exist in intricate interdependence with other living and non-living things - a relationship that we should value to sustain life on this planet.