Professor Yu-You LI

Water and Wastewater-Engineering, Bioenergy, Waste Management, Environmental, Biotechnology

Professor Yasumitsu TANAKA

Energy Device, Environmental Sciences, Environmental Education, Chemical Engineering, Pollution Control

Professor Toshiaki YOSHIOKA

Environmental Engineering, Recycling Chemistry, Plastic Recycling, Water Treatment

Professor Michael Norton

Environmental leadership, Sustainability, Sustainability and business, Innovation, Forestry and Biomass

Professor Yoshihiro Kimura

Socioeconomics, Energy Security, Sustainable Energy Policy, Environmental Management, Waste Strategy and Communal Society, Food Security

Professor Hiroshi TAKAHASHI

Eco-Friendly Construction Mathinery, Recycling of Construction Wastes, Intelligent Environmental Engineering, Environmental Geo-technology, Geomechatronics

Professor Eiki Kasai

Metal resources, Ironmaking, Agglomeration, Greenhouse gas, Hazardous wastes

Professor Kazuyuki TOHJI

Functional Nanoparticles, Fullerene, Carbon Nanotube, Photocatalyst

Professor Shigeaki FUJISAKI

Resurgent Asia, Global History, Development and the Environment, New Institutional Economics, Governing Commons

Associate Professor Kazuyo MATSUBAE

LCA, MFA, Industrial Ecology, Ecological Economics, Input Output Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, Material Flow Analysis

Assistant Professor Samir Gadow

Bio-hydrogen production, Environmental leadership, Waste and wastewater management, Sustainable development and microbial biotechnology


All members in the Graduate School of Environmental Studies take charge of this program. Also, special lectures will be provided invited international experts.