Toshiaki Yoshioka
Graduate School of Environmental Studies

Global environmental problems are most crucial international issues and have been increasing while, at the same time, the world economy improves. Especially in Asia and Africa, the development and Finding of renewable energy and resources are urgent issues. We established this program with the aim of fostering international and environmental leaders who have advanced expertise in the filed of energy and resources, management skills, practical ability, and comprehensive ability for specific policy proposals and for planning international business strategies for the next generation.

Tohoku University is leading in many pioneering achievements for research and education in energy and resources. Using this as a base, we established an independent study Graduate School of Environmental Studies in 2003. It is the only research organization in Japan that integrates the humanities and science. Since then we have fostered human resources with wide global perspectives that are capable of structuring the industrial foundation for energy and resources, and sustainable social infrastructure. In order to create environmental leaders, we have dedicated various efforts to traning members of society to be able to assess environmental issues, plan technical and management strategies, cooperate in international education (certified enrollment), setting up an endowed division abroad, providing academic cources in English, and futhermore, fostering international human resources in societies with the capability of comprehension of environmental technology.

Based on this education and research, we cultivate environmental leaders in this evolving educational program. Not only Japan, but also in Asia and Africa where more and more development is expected in the future, we promise to produce leaders that can implement reasonable and effective policy as well as techniques to regional correspondents to find solutions environmental issues.