Students Presentation Session

February 24, 2014

     The annual research presentation was a good opportunity to get to know each student's research field and achievement. They also spoke about their personal backgrounds, including such topics as their home countries and delicacies found there during the presentation.

Students' Name and Titles of Their Presentation

1.Hanae SAISHU
     Reports of my Ph.D. thesis and studies in the ELP
2.Hajime OHNO
     Achievements in doctoral course and ELP
3.Qigui NIU
     Research Report and the Achievement from the Environmental Leader Program
4.Diana Sofia Huitron FLORES
     My experience as an environmental leader at Tohoku University
     Achievements of Research and Intership under ELP program
6.Haruya NIHEI
     Development of a non soil-adhering metal surface
7.Islam MOINUL
     Grameen Bank Internship Report