Special Lecture from Professor Hideyuki HORII, the University of Tokyo and Professor Hideaki IMAMURA, Shinshu University

July 10, 2013

    Prof. Horii was invited to give a special lecture on ESCO business. During the lecture, students shuffled keyword slips in group work and discussed over the promotion policy of ESCO.
Title: ESCO business: Promotion of energy saving - Case method on ESCO promotion policy in China

    We also invited Prof. Imamura on July 10 and held a special lecture. In the lecture, Prof. Imamura introduced some of the underlying principles of “green marketing” and how it has been used by various companies. Using examples of how these techniques have been applied in practice. Prof. Imamura examined the strengths and weaknesses of “green marketing”, including where marketing is used to make claims which are not justified (“green-washing”).
Title: Green Consumers and Green Marketing