Special Lecture from Mr. Dahn Bihn, Principal of Bihn Systems LLC

March 12, 2013

    On March 11, exactly two years after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the first international symposium was held in Sendai to under the organization of “Tohoku Recovery Next-generation Energy Research and Development Project”, a new recovery project based on our Graduate School of Environmental Studies. One of the speakers invited to the symposium- Mr. Dan Bihn, principal of Bihn Systems- came to give a special lecture on smart grid technology for our Environmental Leader Program on the next day. Dean Tohji acted as host and chairman for the lecture, and students had the opportunity not only to discuss technical aspects but also to ask Mr. Bihn broader questions about USA and Colorado energy policies and experience.
Title: How Smart Grid technology will allow Colorado affordable and reliably integrate large amounts of solar, wind and electric vehicles