Special Lecture from Prof. Norton

January 24, 2013

    On January 24, Professor Michael Norton, one of our program’s main instructors, gave a special lecture focusing on the latest scientific evidence of climate change’s advance and impacts worldwide. Although climate change is included in Prof Norton’s regular course, this lecture looked in more detail at the extensive results published by climate scientists in the last two years. Current evidence not only confirms the basic international scientific assessments of the IPCC, but suggests that climate impacts are worsening faster than earlier estimates. Extreme climate events such as heatwaves, droughts, floods, powerful storms and large scale ice melting can now be linked to the underlying warming due to greenhouse gases to a high level of certainty. Many questions and opinions were given from not only ELP students but also other students in the graduate school who attended the lecture.
Title: Global Warming/ Climate Change-Latest science and National/International Policy