Research Presentation

July 27, 2012

    The annual research presentation was a good opportunity to get to know each student's research field and achievement. They also spoke about their personal backgrounds, including such topics as their home countries and delicacies found there during the presentation.

Students' Name and Titles of Their Presentation

Presentation: M2 students who will graduate in September
1.Peipei ZHOU
  Temperature Dependence of Lattice Paremeter and Elastic Moduli in B2-type FeAl
3.Riyan Achmad Budiman
  Electrochemical Oxygen Reduction of LaNi1-xFexO3- δ for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Electrode

Presentation: Students who joined internship
4.Samir Ibrahim GADOW
  The Current Status of Water Resources in Egypt : Future Challenges and Opportunities
5.Hanae SAISHU
  Internship in Eugene, OR
  Baosteel - In a new steel Period
7.Takafumi MATSUZAKI
  The Method of Environment Assessment
8.Chao TANG
  The Current Status of Water Resources in Arid Areas in China: Current Status and Future Challenges
9.Riyan Achmad Budiman
  Determination of diff usion profi le on LaNi0.6Fe0.4O3- δ electrode
10.Peipei ZHOU
  Electroplating Factory Water Treatment Technology Survey and the Qilihai Natural Wetland Field Observation Reports

Q & A in between students during the presentations

Riyan Achmad Budiman

During the presentation session, Swedish student Martina WESTMAN, who finished the basic course, receives a certificate of completion.