SERMSS Supecial Lecture
―Environmental Policy in Norway and Off shore Wind Farming

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Special lectures given by the Royal Norwegian Embassy and leading energy company Statoil from Norway were held on Thursday June 9. Norway is pushing for a more comprehensive and ambitious climate agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol. It will follow up its commitments and reduce emissions nationally and internationally. It has declared its intention to become a “carbon neutral” country by 2030. Most of Norway’s 40% reduction will be in their domestic emissions. The rest will be fulfi lled by fi nancing emission reductions abroad through market based mechanisms.
Just like Japan, Norway has a long coastline and has utilized its geography to develop offshore wind farming. Mr. Per Christer Lund from Royal Norwegian Embassy explained Norway’s national policy on renewable energy, and 3 representatives from Statoil took turns to give presentations on off shore wind farming. The audience, which included SERMSS students and instructors, enjoyed the distinguished presentations as well as the question and answer session after the lectures.

Per Christer Lund (PhD), Counselor Science and Technology Royal Norwegian Embassy

Finn Gunnar Nielsen, Senior Advisor Platform Technology, Statoil ASA

Trine Ingebjorg Ulla, Head of Business Development Floating Wind, Statoil Renewable Energy ASA

Richard Erskine, Project Manager Technology Management / Commercialisation, Statoil ASA