Congratulations to the 1st Graduate Student in Basic Course

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The first graduation ceremony of a basic course student of the Environmental Leadership Program (SERMSS) was heldon Sept. 20, 2011. It is the first graduation since the program was launched on June 1, 2010.
The academic schedule for the course was delayed in early June due to the Great East Japan Earthquake (March 11, 2011). Almost all of the applications recruited from abroad for training and study at Tohoku University were cancelled, and the number of candidates abruptly went down. Despite this unprecedented situation, three excellent students enrolled (2 at the doctoral level and 1 at the master’s level).
The research filed and career background of basic course students vary just as that of regular course students. Some students recently graduated from university, others have been professional experts for years. In fact, the basic course has been trying to create more communication opportunities between those who have different experiences. Since most of the students recently came to Japan, the course does not only focus on environmental education, but also tries to solve problems related to study and life in Japan. Besides e-learning, which is the core curriculum of the regular course, and individual research activities, the basic course off ers students workshops and fieldwork on such topics as Japanese and foreign cultures, as well as seminars on research and technology. The experience in the basic course is expected to encourage students’ growth.

Graduation for Aihong Guo (Third from the left).
Some students from the regular course also attended

Aihong GUO
College of Chemistry Engineering Hebei United University China

I am very glad to have studied in SERMSS. Although it was a short experience, I continue to be infl uenced by it. In SERMSS, I learned a lot about environmental science by e-learning as well as some basic knowledge. Before joining the course, I had only focused on wastewater treatment techniques, but now I also focus on technical planning. In my opinion, when we think about life planning, creating an eco-friendly lifestyle should be emphasized; consumption must also be limited. At the same time we work on the development of agriculture and industry, we should consider environmental protection. Before coming to Tohoku University, I only liked to work in the lab and do my own research. Now after studying in SERMSS, my attitude has changed considerably. It is one of my responsibilities to spread more environmental knowledge to people around the world. Great thanks to Tohoku University and all the professors and students who have helped me.