IESLP offers an environment that supports your research in the most effective manner, offering financial, academic, and administrative advantages.

Financial Support (MEXT)

Applicants to IESLP are invited to apply on the basis of an intention to pay for tuition and living expenses privately, or apply for a Japanese government scholarships. These are available to outstanding applicants passing the entrance examination on a limited basis. The scholarships offer a monthly stipend of 146,000 JPY (Masters, as of October 2023) and 147,000 JPY (Doctoral, as of October 2023), as well as flights to Japan from the applicant's country. In addition, successful IESLP students are exempt from application, admission, and tuition fees, which are valued at 535,800 JPY per academic year. In addition, a limited number of outstanding students in the master's program who wish to continue to the doctoral program of our graduate school may have an opportunity to acquire the scholarship for another 3 years.

History and Tradition of Tohoku University

Following Tokyo University (1877) and Kyoto University (1897), Tohoku University was founded in 1907 as the third Imperial University. It is one of the largest and oldest national universities in Japan with four campuses in Sendai.

Interdisciplinary Program

The Graduate School of Environmental Studies supports world-leading research groups across a wide range of disciplines, not only in the sciences and engineering fields but also in the humanities. The school has a history of pioneering research and educational achievements in energy and resources. It is very likely you will find a research group active in your field of interest.

Unique Courses Tailored to IESLP

IESLP offers special courses developed from an international perspective to provide a detailed underpinning of knowledge necessary for environmental leadership. Much emphasis is placed on developing the personal skills to express opinions in English and to exchange ideas with students from different countries and cultures. These are supplemented by a range of more technical courses to provide a broad knowledge of environmentally-important sciences and technologies. Courses are also directed at developing analytical and strategic approaches to solving problems.

Experience from SERMSS and IELP

The IESLP is founded on a series of successful precursor programs, the Environmental Leadership Program, which has graduated more than 80 students over the last 5 years, IELP, which has graduated more than 100 students over the last 6 years, many of whom have taken challenging jobs in industry related to the environment. Several have cited their experience in the program as helping them obtain their preferred employment.

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