New IELP Students 2022

This site is for new international students who enrolled in the IELP of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University as of October 2022.

1. IELP Orientation (2PM October 3, on-site)

    Please be sure to attend the IELP Orientation.
    Once you arrive in Sendai, it is better to finish residence registration before the orientation to make the procedure easier and smoother.

      Date: Monday, October 3, 2022
      Time: 14:00
      Place: Lecture Hall, 2F Main building of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University (MAP (J22)) (same building as the office of Academic Affairs Section)
      Things to bring to the IELP orientation:
            1. Passport
            2. Residence card (should be issued at the Narita International Airport upon your arrival
                                  or at the immigration bureau in Sendai after arrival)
            3. Residence record in Japan (Jyu-min hyo, 住民票) (can be issued at the ward office after residence registration)
            4. (Only for MEXT Scholarship Student) Boarding pass(es)
            5. (Only for MEXT Scholarship Student) Original copies of the documents for Enrollment Registration for Admission
            6. (will be provided at the orientation) [Later] Receipt copy for the insurance "Personal Accident for Students Pursuing Education and
                                  Research (Gakkensai, 学研災)" and "Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives Coupled with "Gakkensai" for International
                                  Students (a.k.a. "Inbound futai-gakuso", インバウンド付帯学総)"

2. For MEXT Scholarship Student

    For the new MEXT students, it takes over a month to receive the first MEXT scholarship.
    After you receive your own student ID card, ask your laboratory to help open an account at Japan Post Bank/Yucho-ginko, not other bank.
    Once you get your own bank book, bring it or send scanned copies(cover page and first page) to the Academic Affairs Section by October 7.
    On October 28, you will receive the scholarship for October. (Please note that you need to sign in the beginning of every month.)
    Please be sure to have enough savings till you receive the first scholarship.

3. Your Transcript and Diploma

    For those who were student at the time of applicaiton for the IELP program last year, you need to submit your updated certificates.
    Please bring the followings to the IELP orientation:
    - The original copy of your transcript (completed)
      It should be issued after graduating from the last university attended.
    - The original copy of the certificate of graduation(completion) and diploma(degree certificate)
      Certificate should be issued after graduating from the last university attended.

    If you have only one original copy of your cetificate or diploma which cannot be duplicated or issued again, just bring the original one.
    We will give it back to you shortly.
    If they were issued in a language other than English, please attach an English translation.
    * For those who just graduated from a university and cannot have offcial certificates issued due to lockdown or any similar circumstance caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ask your supervisor or administrative office of the last university attended to e-mail a letter with his/her signature to our office.

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