New GSES Students outside of Japan

This site is for new international students who enrolled in the Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University and cannot enter Japan as of October 1, 2022.

Student ID card and student book will be distributed from 2PM to 3PM on the 2F of the the GSES main building, Tohoku University.

1. Tohoku University (Tohokudai) ID (issued on Oct 1)

    New students will receive Tohokudai ID.
    For those who were research students, undergraduate students, Master course students until September 30, you can use the same ID you already have.
    For new students, a temporary ID and password were provided individually. It is enclosed with a letter of acceptance and admission documents.
    Contact your supervisor if you do not have them.
    Access the Tohokudai-ID Confirmation page from the following file to check each ID and initial password.
    Make a note or print it out and keep it in a safe place so that you will not forget it.
    After 8:30 AM (JST) on October 1, set up your student email (DCMail) using your Tohokudai-ID.

    Tohoku-dai ID confirmation

    To log in the university academic service such as:

  1. TU E-mail service (see 2)
  2. Course registration (see 6) - by October 17 (JST)
  3. Checking your acadmic credits
  4. For those who have not yet received any information, contact your supervisor or laboratory.

    Log in first using the ID and password provided
    [Online Guide of Information Service for Education in Tohoku University]
    [Handout (scanned)]
    [Log in page (SRP)]
    [How to access Campus Wi-Fi(Eduroam)]

    You may have a student tutor who supports the first year of your new university life.
    He/she will be introduced by your supervisor/laboratory. Contact your supervisor if you do not know about your tutor.


2. DC E-mail Service

    Tohoku University provides an official email address to each student of our university.
    This email service for students (DCMail, standing for "Digital Campus Mail") is one of the official communication channels of the university and our students. Students can use this email service not only for on-campus communication but in communication with students or researchers of other universities or institutes.

    Set up first using the account and password provided * refer Tohokudai ID (see 1)
    [Email Service for Students (DCMail)]
    [Log in page (Google)]

3. GSES Online Orientation (Oct 3, on-demand basis)

    GSES Orientation information and files will be updated at 2PM on October 3 (JST).
    You can watch and learn on an on-demand basis.

    1. Orientation

  1. Dean's message to new students [movie]
  2. Introduction of the graduate school / About GSES student book / How to take courses, course registration
    [movie] [handout]
  3. Research ethics education in GSES [movie]
  4. Health and safety instructions [movie] [handout]
  5. Student's mental health [movie] * Japanese only

    2. Guidance for each course

    I. Dep. of Environmental Studies for Advanced Society: for students with ID No. C2GM(GD)15_ _ [handout_1] [handout_2]
    II. Eco-materials and Procesing course: for students with ID No. C2GM(GD)25_ _ [not provided]
    III. Applied Environmental Chemistry course: for students ID No. C2GM(GD)35_ _ [handout]
    IV. Cultural Environmental Studies course: for students with ID No. C2GM(GD)45_ _ [handout]

    3. Notes

    I. More of the orientation materials will be provided on the follwoing Google Classroom.
     Be sure to join the classroom by Monday October 4.
     * Classcode: prttfos (classroom name in Japanese "【環境】2022.10入学オリエンテーション資料" or "Admission orientation materials")
     * Link (log-in by TU DC mail is needed) : Google classroom

    II. For obtaining course registration and class information, you also need to join the classroom by Monday October 4.
     * Classcode: k455ouv (classroom name in Japanese "【環境】講義情報2022/Lecture Information 2022")
     * Link (log-in by TU DC mail is needed) : Google classroom

    III. Remember to submit Student Records online by Ocotber 14. [handout]

4. ONLY for IELP students: IELP Orientation (Oct 3, on-site)

    *** This section is only for IELP students. Skip the section if you do not belong to the program. ***
      Date: Monday, October 3, 2022
      Time: 14:00
      Details: New IELP Students 2022

    * For those who cannot attend, there will be a follow-up support provided later.
    * All IELP students including doctral program need to join the class "Introduction to Environmental Studies"
     since it is a compulsy subject in the IELP.

5. Take Classes (starting on Oct 4)


    Classes for the autumn semester starts on October 4.
    You will find how the classes you take will be conducted (onsite, online, on-demand basis) by
    joining each Google classroom. Once you log in Google, enter classroom code to join the class you would like to take.
    Check with your tutor which classes you need to take in the autumn semester.

    [How to Take Google Classroom (PDF)] * Manual for taking online classes (Google Classroom).
    [Curricula of GSES (PDF)] * Credits required for graduation, list of courses for each Dep/courses.
    [Syllabi for all courses of GSES (PDF)] * Referred from the Student book. For the latest syllabi and classcode, search the subject name in "Quick Syllabus".
    [Quick Syllabus] * latest version. Enter the name of the course you take and search.
    [List of Google Classroom Code (via GSES site)] * latest version. You need google account.
    [Tohoku University Online Class Guide] * You need google account.

6. Register Classes for Autumn Semester by Oct 17


    In addition to joining the Google classrooms, all students need to register their courses to take through SRP.
    Please note that even if you join a Google classroom and finish the course by submitting assignments, you cannot get (a) credit(s) if you do not register through SPR.
    Join the "Lecture information" classroom by Oct 4 to study more about class registration.

     * Classcode: k455ouv (classroom name in Japanese "【環境】講義情報2022/Lecture Information 2022")

    Some contents are provided only in Japanese, so check with your tutor and supervisor.
    If there is extra form to be subimitted, ask for your tutor for support.

    ----- Deadline for Course Registration (Autumn semester 2022): October 17, 2022(JST) -----

    [Student Affairs Information System: Handout (scanned)] * refer P.3
    [Log in page (SRP)]

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