Graduate School of Environmental Studies


Department of Environmental Studies for Advanced Society

International Energy Resources


Noriyoshi Tsuchiya

Assoc. Prof.
Hiromi Kubota

Assist. Prof.
Kazumasa Sueyoshi

Assist. Prof.
Diana Mindaleva

Research Assist.
Hiroyuki Yamagishi


  1. New developments in geothermal energy and other renewable energies and their social acceptability
  2. CO2 reduction technologies and their technological social systems for a low-carbon society
  3. Applied research on metal complex control technology

Research Interests

This laboratory is a fusion of the humanities and sciences that tackles environmental and international issues related to energy and resources. We analyze the relationship between the environment and society and various issues such as renewable energy, hydrogen energy, fuel resources, metal resources, and resource recycling from multiple angles and layers, and consider guidelines for a sustainable society.