Graduate School of Environmental Studies



5th Academic Forum on Environmental Studies

27th October, 2023 12:30-17:45

'The Academic Forum on Environmental Studies' will be held again this year, and all GSES students are welcome to apply for the poster session. The 'Best / Excellent Poster Award' will be presented to the best presentation, and the 'Dean's Award (DOWA Award)', with a extra prize, will be awarded to the top presenters who plan to present overseas in the following academic year. This session is a valuable opportunity to showcase your research beyond laboratory boundaries - don't miss this chance to take advantage of GSES's broad range of expertise and expand your possibilities. We look forward to receiving your application.

27th October, 2023
GSES main building 1F and 3F
・Registration for the Poster presentation:1st September, 2023 
 ※ Closed

・Submission of the abstract:6th October, 2023 
 ※ Closed


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