About IELP

About IELP

The International Environmental Leadership Program (henceforth referred to as "IELP") at Tohoku University Graduate School of Environmental Studies provides a trans-disciplinary education, combining the humanities and sciences with instructors from the Department of Environmental Studies for Advanced Society and the Department of Frontier Sciences for Advanced Environment. It is through this context that the program educates both Japanese and foreign exchange students side by side, making use of maximized synergy among participants from multiple countries and placing high emphasis on specialized research in environmental fields. IELP fosters a comprehensive way of thinking that is crucial for international environmental leaders. The program seeks to equip students with a sense of internationalism, practical know-how, management capability, and the individual leadership and group-minded orientations inherent in strategic planning.


Ecollab—the name is derived from combination of “ecology,” “collaboration,” and “laboratory”—is a unique facility of the Graduate School of Environmental Studies and is one of principal locations for your research. Opened in 2010, this wooden building is home to many cutting-edge research opportunities that integrate a wide range of disciplines with the goal of making the next generation’s life more environmentally friendly. Ecollab also generates part of its own energy with photovoltaic panels and demonstrates advanced utilization models that offer students hands-on opportunities to experience the utilization of natural energy.


Upon completion of the course, you are given an official certificate that proves you are now familiar with the wide range of research and practice that is involved in creating a more sustainable, environmentally friendly society and that you are capable of becoming a driving force for sustainable change.


[ By subway from Sendai Station ]

Tozai (East-West) Subway Line bound for Yagiyama-Dōbutsu-Kōen

[ Where to get off ]
Aobayama station

[ Travel Duration and Fare ]
9 minutes, 250 yen

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