Innovative chemical engineering technologies for creating sustainable society
Environmentally-Benign Molecular Design and Synthesis


Assoc. Prof. Masaki Ota
Assoc. Prof.
Masaki Ota


  1. Utilization of sustainable materals and methods
  2. Development of engineering technologies for biomass processing
  3. Design of new dimensionless correlations and theory for environment-friendly technologies
  4. Developement of high-pressure engineering technology including sub/supercritical fluids
  5. Measurement and theory of thermodynamic/kinetic fundmental data

※Original research topics based on practical applications


Natural compounds, Chemical engineering, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, Supercritical Fluid, Subcritical Fluids, Hydrate, Molecular recognition, Hydration/Solvation, Chemical analysis, Metal complex, Fundamental measurements

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