Water, Geosphere - Bring out the deeper resources of the earth

Resolving Water-related Issues in the world through Observation and Prediction
Urban and Regional Environmental Systems
Prof. Yu-You Li Assoc. Prof. Daisuke Sano Assoc. Prof. Daisuke Komori
Inspire the energy and resources of the Earth. Standing on between pure science
and advanced engineering. Only one and highly active Lab.
Geomaterial and Energy
Prof. Atsushi Okamoto Assist. Prof. Masaoki Uno Assist. Prof. Dandar Otgonbayar
Security and risk management for resources and energy development as well as
data-driven earth and environmental science
Resources and Energy Security
Prof. Takeshi Komai Assoc. Prof. Noriaki Watanabe Assist. Prof. Kengo Nakamura
Application of extreme environments in the earth's crust and unconventional
energy resources for sustainable human life
Extraction of Crustal Energy
Prof. Takatoshi Ito Assist. Prof. Anna Suzuki Assist. Prof. Yusuke Mukuhira
Waste management and protection and remediation of environmental pollution for resource recycling
Geosphere Environment
Prof. Toshikazu Shiratori Assoc. Prof. Yuko Saito  
Safe and secure utilization of geosphere
Environmental Risk Assessment
Prof. Hiroshi Asanuma Prof. Ming Zhang Assoc. Prof. Yasuhide Sakamoto