Department of Frontier Science for Advanced Environment

EmP : Eco-materials and Processing
AEC : Applied Environmental Chemistry
CES : Cultural Environmental Studies

Core Divisions

Urban Environment and Environmental Geography

Solar and Terrestrial Systems and Energy Sciences

Environmentally Benign Systems

Sustainable Recycle Process

Ecomaterial Design and Process Engineering

Cooperative Divisions

Earth and Environmental Systems Design

Society of Northeast Asia

Culture of Northeast Asia

Physical Chemistry for Environmental Materials

Environmental System and Materials

AIMR : Advanced Institute for Materials Research
CNEAS : Center for North East Asian Studies
IMR : Institute for Materials Research
IMRAM : Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials
IRIDeS : International Research Institute of Disaster Science SRIS : International Center for SR Innovation Smart

Endowed Divisions

Frontier Laboratories Ltd.

Collaborative Divisions

Nippon Steel Corporation

National Institute for Environmental Studies